This was some of the most valuable training I've ever paid for it was worth the price tag. So much gold. I really feel like I have the tools to start mentoring my prospective builders.

Participant - Arizona

Mary and Nick are an authentic, generous, and dynamic duo. Their trainings are filled with golden nuggets that are life changing. Their generosity and accessibility is something I aspire to emulate. No matter the training I feel as if I'm sitting across the table with them having a cup of coffee. They have a special way of "seeing you" and making you feel important in a room full of people. I always get more out of their trainings than expected and leave feeling brave enough to take a big leap forward. They speak on the heart level to inspire change in my business and my personal life. I wouldn't miss any training they offered.

Audra Bailey

Golly, Miss Molly! You all OVER-DELIVERED today!! Mary and Nick: 1000 thank you's for an amazing afternoon of powerful, life & biz-changing content that was also totally entertaining! We were absolutely fully-engaged throughout.

Carolyn Erikson

It was such an amazing, empowering, informational experience for me. Thank you both for your impressive efforts to encourage and empower others to lead well.  

Eliza Bacot

You two are so much fun! Thanks for bringing some laughter to our evening. Teaching can be tough. Learning can be tough. I am so thirsty for knowledge, and you Mary + Nick make it so easy to say yes to it all! I love giving freely the gift of generosity that I am given from my team. I never thought I'd love what I do so much and you both are the reasons why I am 'dry,' why I was ignited and why my fire now burns so passionately. I hope I am as contagious to my future team!

Annie Agin

There are so many gems of wisdom contained here.  You have opened up a path forward for me! Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in!

Krista Stohl

I have loved every minute and actually feel like I totally have it in me to be the kind of mentor I hold in my vision. You have given us so much and I hope there's more in the future. 

Vanessa Tecklenburg