Let's get to know Nick a little better...

Nick is a social entrepreneur and coach and consultant of first time leaders and entrepreneurs. For him speaking is not only a chance to entertain an audience, but to breath life into them and empower each person to take massive action. Nick makes business personal, helping his audience release their natural personality into their work and leadership.

Whether speaking to millennials, students, managers, entrepreneurs, or executives, Nick uses engaging interventions to help them uncover the leadership strengths they already have. Nick not only speaks but is an active practitioner of his message as he develops a variety of social businesses in South America and travels around the world mentoring leaders and entrepreneurs to take the limits off their leadership and fully engage their work life.

Nick helps his audience understand that everything rises and falls on their leadership. He is a certified leadership trainer through the John Maxwell Team and is being mentored by the number one leadership expert in the world Dr. John Maxwell. 


Here is what people are saying about Nick...

Nick helped me uncover my super power.
— Julianna Erikson
I started working with Nick because I wanted to be more successful in my business. But what I noticed is that coaching with Nick became a catalyst for my success in every area of my life.
— Lindsay Trull