Have you ever felt like you’ve had a hard time getting or keeping yourself or your team motivated? Most of us misunderstand what motivation is and how it works and therefore our motivation fades before we ever accomplish our biggest objectives. The motivation formula can help you unlock and unleash the inner power you possess to accomplish and achieve more than you imagined.


In this presentation Mary and Nick help you define your culture in a fresh way to create a highly engaged team and client base. Your culture can be used to attract or detract talent talent, engage or discourage your team, and reach or push you away from your goals. Leaders and managers will feel empowered to leverage their culture in a way that effectively takes them from where they are to where they want to be.


If you’re having a hard time achieving a desired result in your life, chances are the problem is with leverage. What are you using to achieve this desired result? Use the wrong leverage, and you’ll self-sabotage, burn out and ultimately miss where you are trying to go. Learn to connect to your passion and lead from your heart, and you’ll become an unstoppable force in this world.


This talk is ideal for anyone who feels like they’ve been thrown into a leadership position for which they are not fully equipped or prepared. How can you create trust and buy-in from your team? In this talk, Mary and Nick help you uncover your strengths and how you can build on them. Ultimately, they’ll demonstrate how you have everything you need to begin.

I love Mary and Nick’s energy! They know how to empower you to be your best! This was a life changing and truly amazing time!
— Anastasia Halcomb
One thing that I loved about Mary and Nick was their compassion and caring hearts. As well as their ability to deliver high quality content, while being fun and engaging with us.
— Karen Mullinax
All I can say is WOW! This was an amazing training!
— Carrie Crews
Nick and Mary. You shared a plethora of wonderful, valuable stuff. Thanks for an amazing session!
— Charlotte Moore
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LIFE CHANGING TRAINING TODAY! I will forever be grateful to all that was taught and shared.
— Deborah Adams
You and Mary were my highlight of the event. Thank you, thank you for all the good stuff you shared with us!
— Isabel Calkins