Nick and Mary help leaders find simplicity in leading and building dynamic teams. They bring an authentic, refreshing one-two punch to the stage leaving each participant inspired, brave and ready to take massive action. With a battle tested formula for building teams, strengthening connections and unleashing potential - hundreds have already begun truly leading for the first time.

In short, they've given leadership a facelift.





Nick is a powerful and dynamic speaker—the kind of leader you don’t want to punch in the face. Not only is he engaging and funny, but he makes things incredibly simple for first-time or insecure leaders who may be lacking in skills or confidence. After hearing from him, you’ll feel more excited, lighter and more prepared than ever to tackle whatever is in front of you. 

We hope you’ll let him come share his gift and call your most powerful and dynamic skills to the surface.  


Mary is a modern day motivational speaker who is comfortable speaking in front of audiences of all sizes. Energetic and fun, Mary is gifted at making complex ideas simple so the audience can take massive action and enjoy doing it. She’ll make you laugh, make you cry, make you think and ultimately you’ll walk away feeling more comfortable in your own skin and more assured of your brilliance.

We hope you’ll let Mary come wow your audience and inspire you to confidence, clarity and action.

"Mary and Nick gave golden nugget after golden nugget. They were authentic, generous, personal, and practical. They added such value to not only my business but my life in such a short time. I felt like we were sitting a coffee shop together just hanging out the entire time."